Links I Like

Below are links to a few websites that I think often have interesting things to say about the relationship of wine to history and politics, culture and society.  Inclusion here doesn’t mean I always agree with them – but I think what they say can be interesting and stimulating.  Jamie Goode is one of the more intelligent and scientifically literate of current commentators about wine.  Andrew Jefford is the most thoughtful and stimulating – if occasionally frustrating – writers about what wine means, and how it should be understood.  The research centre sponsored by UNESCO for the study and understanding of the relationship of wine to society. This is a French website – but with some information in English. Liz Gabay is a Master of Wine with a particular interest in the history and culture of wine and a special focus on pink wines.  Full of interesting articles about the economic context and role of wine.  One of the few commentators about wine politics who has a deep understanding about the history and reality of what he is discussing.  Jasper Morris is amongst the best of many good critics who focus on Burgundy, with knowledge that goes beyond just what to drink, but also how the region operates.  As a member of the Institute of Masters of Wine I need to have this link!  But their symposium every four years is a great event, and crammed with interesting presentations including some on wine and culture.  A very perceptive writer about the world of champagne and sherry.  The doyen of modern historians of wine – who actually understands and loves wine, rather than just talking about its academic significance  As the name suggests, mainly a news site about wine business – but has excellent regular items about the history and archaeology of wine as well.