Domaine Wachau Gemischter Satz

Tasted 17th July 2019

This is not just old vine (alte reben) but ‘ancient vines’.  That’s telling us!  It’s also a smaragd wine – so the most full-bodied style produced in the Wachau. Very floral – rose blossom – and a bit leafy.  Noticeable minty aromas as well.  I’m not sure where that would come from but it’s rather interesting.  It’s fresh, though the acidity is not very high, and quite light bodied.  Very broad but attractive floral and tropical fruit, but not overblown.  It’s made from ten different varieties.  Perhaps some gewurtztraminer or morio-muskat or a little bit of muller-thurgau left over in the region (most has been replaced since the 1960s).

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