About Me

Steve Charters MW

After gaining a degree in history and pursuing a varied career involving the law, politics, and managing a community training project I migrated to Sydney, and started to work in wine shops.  This was great fun, but not very intellectually stimulating, so for a challenge I started on the Master of Wine programme.  After I passed this, and entirely unexpectedly, I was given a job teaching about wine and wine business at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.  While I was there I completed a PhD in consumer behaviour, examining what people think wine quality is when they are in the process of drinking it.  I also wrote a book entitled Wine and Society: The Social and Cultural Context of a Drink.

One of my big interests while I was living in Australia was champagne – and I paid a number of visits to the region.  In 2006 a Chair in Champagne Management was set up at a Business School (grande école) in Reims and I successfully applied for the position.  Seven years later, seeking another challenge, I moved to another Business School in Burgundy, which was setting up a specialist School of Wine & Spirits Business and that is where I work today. As an academic my research interests – which link closely to what I’m talking about on this site – include ideas of quality and aesthetics, the importance of place with wine (terroir, tourism, and territorial organisation), and consumers’ and producers’ motivations.

I travel widely around world wine regions which helps to feed this blog, and I remain very involved with the Institute of Masters of Wine.  I’m also a Chevalier of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne.  I’ve done some wine journalism, and regularly speak about wine at conferences around the world.  Beyond the drink, however, I like reading (history, politics, biography, and novels), music of all kinds, cooking, and trying – not always successfully – to keep fit.

For the real wine nerds, below you’ll find a link to a few of the academic publications I’ve written, which go into more detail about my research interests.  For most readers these would be best used late at night as a cure for insomnia.


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Shorter pieces

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