Épistémê 2020

First, a declaration of interest.  This wine is one whose production was organised by my employers.  It’s a story which is interesting though.  For those who don’t know or have forgotten I work at a business school. From last year, we’ve organised a competition for some of our students – with as a prize, the chance to work with a local winemaker in Chassagne-Montrachet, Domaine Armand Heitz.  This involves a chance to help shape one particular cuvée, and in 2020 the lucky winner was a very sharp, engaged, student – Marie Marc.  The result is this wine – with the name, Épistémê, alluding to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, and Marie gets her name on the label as one of the creators of the wine.

The wine has no appellation, and it’s 100% gamay.  But don’t expect a light, fruity, insipid, wine – it’s quite atypical.  It makes a statement.  Deep coloured, 14.5% alcohol and very deep, black fruit.  It’s made with no sulphur dioxide but has the tannin to keep it going for a while yet.

The point, though, is less the wine than the story.  I wasn’t involved in organising this, but I think it’s a great opportunity for a student who is not studying oenology to get some hands-on experience and a brand of their own.