Wine in the Time of Pestilence IV: A Footnote

This is a short follow-up to my last post on consumers and wine during Covid-19.  I developed my ideas further in an article for the French version of The Conversation: the online journal which tries to put academics and their ideas in contact with a wider public.  If you are interested, and can read French, the article is here.

I quickly got a very interesting response from one reader, Lam Idelo, which I translate as follows:

I had the children over at my house to celebrate the end of lockdown.  I’d stocked up on beer – of which they’re enthusiastic drinkers. To my surprise they had adopted attitudes more commonly associated with older people:  pastis and whisky for an aperitif; red wine with the meal (they had even brought two very good bottles with them). I don’t know how to interpret this return to wine amongst youngsters (they are around thirty years old).

A great anecdote on how the pestilence is turning people back to tradition and security.  Also – perhaps – it reflects what some of us have seen with younger drinkers in some western countries (stereotypically labelled millennials).  That as they are growing older they are consciously moving from volume to quality consumption, and with that many are moving from spirits to wine.  But that is a broad generalisation which needs to be treated with caution. 

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